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If your garbage disposal has taken over your whole kitchen area with a bombardment of awful odors and foul smells, you’ve found the right post. In this post, we’ll outline the steps you need to take to reclaim your kitchen and get it smelling fresh again. There’s nothing worse than coming home after a long day and not being able to stand the smell in your kitchen as you are forced to cook services - garbage disposal repair

To reclaim your kitchen you’ll need the following items:

2 cups of ice
1 cup of rock salt or vinegar
tongs or pliers
lemon peels

After you have secured the initial items, it’s time to start work! We’re going to get your kitchen back to its old smell again so that you won’t have to hold your breath due to the foul odors.

Pour the ice and rock salt (or vinegar) into your disposal (NEVER use bleach or other harmful chemicals)
Turn the cold water on and run the disposal for 5 to 10 seconds. This will allow the ice and rock salt mixture to clear the disposal of any food debris or hardened food particles.

If there are any items inside the disposal that are too large to be disposed of, use the tongs or pliers to retrieve the items. NEVER retrieve items from your disposal while there is power applied to the unit, be sure to unplug the unit before performing this step.
Fill your sink with 4 inches of cold water and then run the disposal until the sink is cleared of water. This will remove any remaining food waste from disposal.
Run the lemon peels and warm water through your disposal to keep it smelling fresh!
We hope these steps will help you enjoy a fresh-smelling kitchen. If you have any additional cleaning tips or questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

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Our Electricians are your one stop shop for all of your electrical needs and services. We service all of San Antonio and the metropolitan area, both for the home and at the office. Our expert staff of trained professionals bring years of experience to every job, ensuring high quality work and satisfaction no matter what you may need. Your Sydney electrician does not get any better than us.

When you need an electrician in Texas, it is important to find a team that knows what they are doing. Our staff brings decades of collective experience to the table in order to ensure a quick and safe job each and every time. We only use the best tools of the trade, along with the highest quality materials, to make sure that each job is performed correctly the first time around. We pride ourselves on making sure that the customer is pleased with each completed job, and that means doing it right and using the right materials each time.

Our team of professionals can offer a wide array of electrical work for your home or office. We specialize in switchboards, light switches, air conditioning, alarm installation and kitchen appliance installation to name just a few. Not every Texas electrician can offer this side of a range of services, but we do. The team at Texas electricians wants to be your go-to electrician company for nearly any job you may need to have completed, no matter how big or how small.

For those who have businesses, our electricians can also service your office in a wide variety of ways. Computer setups switch boards for a full-size office, and office-wide lighting is just a few of the services we can provide to you and your valued employees. As business owners ourselves, we understand how vitally important it can be to have fully functional electrical systems in the office at all times. We will do whatever we can to make sure your office electrical system can function smoothly all the time, ensuring no problems for your employees.

If you are in the market for an electrician in Texas or the Texas larger metropolitan area, look no further than Texas Electricians. We are here to serve you and your every electrical need. Take a look at our services and discover all the ways we can help your home or business stay connected. At Texas Electricians, your satisfaction is our number one concern.Our Skills Expert Electricians – 95%Personalised Service – 85%Air Conditioning Installation – 80%Home Lighting Installation – 75%What Our Clients Say.
We would highly recommend Texas Electricians to anyone. We have used Texas many times to help us with installing lights in our new home and alarm system. He was very thorough and timely. Everything works beautifully. Thanks for a great job.


leaking carbon monoxide

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leaking carbon monoxide

Is your Heat Exchanger working right

If you are experiencing watery eyes, headaches, stuffy or runny nose or sneezing, it could be your furnace leaking carbon monoxide through hairline cracks in your heat exchanger. Call our Air Conditioning Technicians today for our $99 video inspection of your furnace. When you hire us, you can save money using some of the coupons and specials that we offer.

heat exchange unitYour furnace is climate control system that allows you to enjoy the comfort of your home even when it’s in the negatives outside. Like all mechanical systems, your furnace can eventually be run down form use, and if left unchecked can break down leaving you to face the harsh weather on your own. If you’re looking to service, repair or install a furnace in your home, call Complete Plumbing, Heating and Air Inc.

Whether we service your system or install an entirely new unit, you can trust us to get any job done. See what your neighbors in the Fort Worth, Tx area have been saying about us here. What are some common furnace problems?

Furnaces can experience a couple of issues that tend to happen often. Our customers who experienced these issues tend to not invest in regular maintenance, and can end up paying extra for costly repairs. Keep an eye out for these signs:Lack of heat: This could mean that the unit’s efficiency has decreased. Whether due to age or other underlying problem, our technician will be able to get to the bottom of it.Dirty filters: Dirty filters can actually damage the unit more than you might expect. Having a filter that’s dirty will inhibit the unit’s ability to push out air, making it work much harder.High utility bill: A high utility bill will mean that the unit is working a lot harder than usual. If you’re not setting it to work harder, and you’re still seeing this effect, it could be due to an efficiency malfunction with the unit.

Knowing when to replace your unit is key to saving you money on costly, and far too frequent, repairs. If you think your furnace is dying, here are two clear signals that it is.First: If our HVAC technician is becoming your best friend, you’re seeing him too often and you have other friends that are much cheaper.Second: Your heating bills. If they’ve spiked in the last two years, its probably because of horrible furnace efficiency. These 2 factors are a bad combination.What are the benefits of timely repairs and maintenance?

For a well functioning unit, we strongly recommend a full inspection and tune-up in October or November before your unit is heavily used. Along with other system items, our qualified technicians will perform any necessary lubrication, assess cycling and controls, inspect electrical wiring for corrosion, inspect the blower and burners, and check for deadly carbon monoxide.

They will also give the system a complete cleaning, assuring that dirt and debris buildup are removed, reducing friction and maximizing the efficiency of the furnace. You’ll benefit from annual tune-ups, saving money with improved efficiency while extending the life of your furnace and avoiding costly repairs.

Investing in this regular maintenance will keep your unit running at it’s best efficiency for as long as possible. Extend the lifespan of your unit and you’ll be able to rely on your furnace during even the harshest winters.How can you avoid problems in the future?

Maintenance will always be the best way to avoid any problems from ever happening. Keeping a close on your unit will let you know when problems are beginning to come up, and you can arrange the best way to tackle these issues before they ruin your system. Call us to receive service for your furnace in Fort Worth. We want you to trust us with your home comfort every time you experience an issue with your home’s HVAC system. Complete Heating and Air Inc
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