Screen Actors Guild Award 2016

Screen Actors Guild award

SAG award is also referred as Screen Actors Guild award. It is an honor presented by SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. It is given to recognize excellent performances in primetime television and film. The winners are given a statuette. It is an unclothed male figure with a tragedy mask and comedy mask known as the actor.

Screen Actors Guild award is said to be one of the most prestigious awards in Hollywood. It has been given since 1995. The two committees nominate the award. The two committees include television and film.

Recently, Screen Actors Guild Award took place in Los Angeles. It is the 22nd annual SAG award function. Michael Keaton told he was planning to become a journalist. He added that he would use the ‘Spotlight’ platform to spread about significance of investigative reporting. His film won the most prestigious best drama award. He spoke to press reporters about his role and success of the film. Spotlight is the story of reporter and his investigation. It is a story about rampant child molestation.

Downtown Abbey cast has won Screen Actors Guild Award three times for outstanding drama group. The actors felt happy once they have been announced as winner. They embraced at the backstage in quiet manner. They went outside the ballroom and allowed the whoops fly.

The ‘Spotlight’ cast won Screen Actors Guild award for the best film cast. The movie concentrates on award-winning research and inquiry of pedophile pastors in Catholic Church. It is worth to give Best Picture Academy Award as the film has a serious content.

Leonardo DiCaprio won Screen Actors Guild Award for best actor. He was highly appreciated for his extraordinary performance in the movie ‘The Revenant.’

Leonardo DiCaprio ate raw bison, braved icy water and performed other feats to bring the 19th-century existence epic as accurate as possible.

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