Best Summer Television Shows for this Summer

Television Shows

If you are thinking how to spend your summer vacation in cool way, you need to check out the following television shows. It is worthy to watch instead of sweating under hot sun. Hulu and Netflix have dominated this summer by showcasing excellent TV shows. Both are dominating the market by telecasting critically commended shows on television. The best part is most of the popular series are telecasted on flexible timings. You do not have to compromise any other plans. It is sure you will enjoy an excellent summer as you follow this television shows. It is a good news for all series lovers.

Preacher: You can watch this on Netflix. The premier date of this show is May 22, Sunday at 10.00PM. A fallen priest, his best friend who is a vampire and his ex, starts to find God. It is an adaptation of a graphic novel series called Garth Ennis. It is a comic where you can see both brutally satirical and explicitly violent of mainstream fans and . You should wait to watch and enjoy this live act version. Preacher remains as an excellent start to your summer holidays. You can line up this and enjoy.

Wayward Pines: It is premiered on May 25, Wednesday at 9.00 PM. Wayward Pines is based on the novels called Blake Couch. In the first season, a secret service mediator tracks the vanishing of two colleague agents in a small town. As he finally reaches, he fights with the sheriff of town. Sheriff executes and manages members who enters and exits the town or wish to approach the outside world. Wayward Pines season 2 is expected to return to more serious and mysterious form. We can see a new protagonist. It is CJ Patrick. It is played by Djimon Hounsou who is an Oscar nominee. One of the surprise twists is M. Night Shyamalan would return as executive producer.

Bloodline: It will be telecasted on Netflix on May 27. Bloodline is a Netflix new thriller drama series. It is created by Daniel Zelman, Glenn Kessler and Todd A. Kessler. Sony Pictures Television is producing this series. It was first premiered on 2015 as part of sixty-fifth Berlin International Film Festival. Netflix completed premiered the thirteen episodes of first series. Bloodline has again been renewed for the second season with ten episodes. It will be dubbed on May.

Roots: The premier date for Roots series is May 30, Monday at 9.00 P.M. It has obtained thirty-seven Emmy nominations. It has a whopping audience of more than 99 million viewers. Its final series was a grand success. Roots revolve around enslavement, capture and birth of Kunta Kinte as well as his family who is settled in the colonial era America.

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Silicon Valley Constructs an Episode on Obscure Fights

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is a popular American television series. It is created by Dave Krinsky, John Altschuler and Mike Judge. The series revolves around six young men. The story is how to develop a new company in Silicon Valley. In the recent episode, Silicon Valley concentrates on a debate. Are you wondering what the topic is? Well, it is tabs versus spaces. The entire team discusses how spaces and tabs dominate the present scenario.

Tabs and iPads have become an indispensable gadget. It is difficult to see adults and kids without an iPad or tab. It is used for learning, playing games, communicating and even for taking notes. It is used instead of laptop. Students have started to communicate with friends or family members less because of their presence in virtual world. Kids get attracted to tabs because of the game apps. There are several game apps that dominate the gaming industry. It is simple to install. As the series revolve around apps and technology, a debate runs to show people how these gadgets play a vital role. Silicon Valley series is telecasted on HBO. Recently, HBO has announced that it would make some changes and air the fourth season of Silicon Valley in 2017.


The first season of Silicon Valley was released with eight episodes. It was first premiered in April 2014. HBO renewed the second series. It was again premiered in April 2015. Recently, HBO renewed the popular Silicon Valley series for third season and was premiered in April 2016.

Silicon Valley excellent response from the day it was premiered. It has gathered excellent critics reviews especially from a popular reviewing website named Metacritic. It gave the score eighty-four out of one hundred by reading thirty-six reviews. It was indicated as universal acclaim.

If you wish to enjoy the debate, you need to catch up the Silicon Valley series. The debate goes interesting. Some of the stars of the series include Jimmy O. Yang, Suzanne Cryer, Matt Ross, Zach Woods, Amanda Crew, Christopher Evan Welch, Kumail Nanjiani, Martin Starr, Josh Brener, T.J.Miller and Thomas Middleditch.

Richard Hendricks is a reclusive and shy programmer working in a large internet organization known as Hooli. Pied Piper is the music app he develops while working in the company. He shares his work to several programmers working at Hooli. It was reviewed by the executives and found to be a successful product. It is how the first series of Silicon Valley got started.

Silicon Valley’s second season got excellent comments and reviews. It was a success in the industry. Critics gave eighty-six marks out of one hundred after completing the entire series. Some website even gave one hundred marks for the performance and subject.

Television Rules Get Changed by the Netflix Reboots


Netflix is a global service provider of streaming television and film series. It developed in the year 1998 as American DVD by mail service. It began to stream in the year 2007. In 2010, Netflix expanded to stream its services to Canada. It is now serving more than one hundred and ninety countries.

At the beginning of this month, SVOD (subscription video on demand) service by YouTube launched its first drape of original programs. It made to result in several changes in television business. They have suggestions for traditional services and television, producers, viewers and major film studios around the world.

In industry terms, it is original content. It is an interesting option of the term. It is given to only high-profile subscription video on demand products. Some of the forthcoming robots of Netflix include Fuller House, The Gilmore Girls and the Degrassi: Next Class. The Gilmore Girls is seven series. It was screened till 2007. The Fuller House is screen from the year 1987 to 1995. It is a consequence to American sitcom Full House. Degrassi: Next Class is a drama of Canadian high school. It was screen for almost fourteen years. It was screened from 1979.

As the original series gain lot of success, there are high demand for original series in the market. For example, series like Club de Cuervos that was a Mexican series and Narcos is worth to assume its lasting figure will remain to rise. At present, Netflix has several international projects that are scheduled for screening or in production status. It will be screened later this year. It includes Okja (it is a Korean monster movie), Suburra which is an Italian mafia series, Marseilles (it is a French language political thrilling movie starring Gerard Depardieu), 3% (it is a Brazilian science fiction sequences) and Brahman Naman (Indian teenage comedy film).